VP Nominee Spike Cohen Showcases Disastrous Duopoly Policies

Spike Cohen

The Libertarian Party is serious – serious about peace, individual liberty, and the Constitution of the United States, unlike the Republican and Democrat parties who are very much one in the same. Not only is the Libertarian Party serious now, but they have been since 1971 when the Party was established as a principled alternative to the status quo of the two-party system.

In their ‘ho-hum’ editorial from May 26, 2020, the American Thinker laid into the Libertarian Party, claiming the “Libertarian Party’s VP pick destroys any remaining illusions of [the] party’s seriousness.”

However, the real issue of seriousness isn’t the Libertarian Party or its nominees. On the contrary, it’s the American Thinker’s consideration of Donald Trump or Joe Biden’s policies, principles, or personas as serious in the first place. The publication’s continued consent to this country’s two-party status quo shows its ignorance.

I am talking about the status quo that has decimated individual liberty in this country – a two-party system that puts special interests before the Constitution, that steals 20-50% of the money we earn, that has created the most imprisoned population in the world, that spies on its own citizens, that engages in endless wars, that has inflated away the value of our money, and that has wastefully accumulated a $25 trillion national debt.

The core focus of their article is to damage the eccentric personality of Libertarian Vice President candidate, Spike Cohen. Spike, a former web designer, is the first ever millennial candidate in contention for the executive branch – and eccentric in the form of going shirtless on podcast appearances to his promising Waffle House restaurants on every corner and free cheesy bread with the purchase of any Federal Explosives Permit.

Some outrageous sounding ideas, right? But are they any more outrageous than the two-party system’s history of getting Zebra fish addicted to nicotine, purchasing a Bob Dylan statue for the embassy in Mozambique, training cheese makers in Serbia on international food standards, bailing out failed businesses, or forcing Americans into a bankrupt retirement system? The federal government is a joke and the list goes on and on and on.

So, when the American Thinker questions Spike’s seriousness and “whether any of [his] proposals are serious,” I say, thank you for proving his point! The two-party system is the joke, and Spike is bringing this to the forefront. Where Democrats are proposing “free” healthcare and university for all, Spike has promised free ponies for all. Where Republicans have mandated what you can and cannot put in your body or what your business must produce in times of emergency, Spike has promoted mandatory tooth brushing laws.

The politicians are the jokes – their laws, their spending, their programs and policies. Their lying and cheating and stealing. Their wars, their sanctions, their inflation.

Spike Cohen understands the giant joke of a duopoly we have and it’s time to realize we are all victims of their disastrous policies. Someone please tell the American Thinker because they can’t seem to read into anything past the basics. 

Danny Malouf

Author: Danny Malouf

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