The most significant impact you can make for the Libertarian Party is to volunteer. You’re able to volunteer for the national party, state party, local chapters, and campaigns. Most volunteer opportunities required little commitment but make a great impact. You’ll be able to participate in parades, work festival booths, pass out literature, and much more!

Connect with the national party and find volunteer opportunities across the country. You’ll help petition for ballot access, call for phone banks, knock on doors, distribute literature, and much more. The national party is an organization with a reach in every state.

If you want to connect more at your local level then check out your state party website to find what volunteer opportunities exist near you. All state parties have local chapters and one may meet every month in a town near you. These local chapters are a great way to get involved in your community.

The easiest way to begin volunteering with a candidate campaign is to directly message the campaign on their website or social media. Most libertarian campaigns are run by volunteers like yourself. They focus their fundraising efforts towards distributing yard signs, traveling during their campaign, and producing literature.