The U.S. Federal Government Is Spending Like There’s No Tomorrow

President Trump

Imagine you’re single, have 1 month to live, and there’s a million dollars in your bank account. Chance are, you’d try to cross everything off your bucket list. Why not splurge on a trip to Europe, jewelry, a fancy car, and lavish dinners? What’s all this have to do with our U.S. Federal government?

The Trump Administration and Congress are spending like there’s no tomorrow. Over the past nearly 4 years we’ve watched our government spend $4.3 trillion more than it took in from taxes. The current administration has averaged $1+ trillion dollar deficits each year. We now see a stimulus package of $2.2 trillion dollar that’s yet to be fully factored into this $4.3 trillion. We are looking to have the Trump administration oversee debt growth of $6 trillion dollars in 4 years. He’s already added more than Bush did in two terms and he’s added approximately 70% of what Obama did in two terms if you factor in the recent stimulus package.

Our government isn’t stopping with the recent stimulus package. We now see President Trump proposing a $2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan. Our federal government is gearing up to spend another $2 trillion dollars in stimulus that’s completely funded by debt. If we pass this second stimulus, we will see the national debt increase an astounding $8.5 trillion in less than 4 years. We’re still in this years budget till September. If all goes as planned. Trump’s administration and congress will succeed in spending in 1 term what Obama spent over 2 terms in office.

The stereotypical view of Democrats in recent years has been debt spending socialists. We see many people, specifically Republicans, fear Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for their socialist ideals and insane budget proposals. People tout it’ll be the end of this nation with the trillions they’ll spend on medicare for all and free college. It’s socialist! You’re blind if you don’t view the current administration in the same manner. Trump’s administration has spend more money than any prior president year over year in budgets. We see multi-billion dollar corporations of Washington DC lobbyists receive billions in bailouts. The government is on track to have its largest deficit in history under an alleged fiscal conservative. How could this be? Republicans and Democrats are NOT fiscally responsible. Our current president and congress couldn’t be further from fiscally responsible.

The debt we see being added is so substantial it couldn’t be paid down by the current generation. It will take multiple generations of families paying taxes to pay down our $24 trillion dollar national debt. We are borrowing against the paychecks of future generations. Fiscal conservatism is dead. It’s time for Libertarians to step into office.

Chase Renwick

Author: Chase Renwick

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