Run for Office

The most significant step you can personally take in spreading liberty is to run for office. Libertarian Party candidates are often everyday people who have full-time jobs aside from running for office. Many candidates receive fundraising and volunteer assistance from friends and family. You won’t see large corporate money or political groups working with Libertarian candidates.

By running for office, you’ll have the opportunity to visit big cities and small towns across your state. You’ll spend weekends traveling and staying in a hotel or the homes of fellow libertarians. Chapters across the state will walk in parades with you and help get your name out. You’ll give speeches at libraries, chapter meetings, candidate meet and greets, and possibly even get in a debate. The potential for personal growth and local involvement is astronomical. 

If you’re interested in getting on the ballot then contact your state party. They’ll be able to provide you with dates for upcoming elections, the signature requirement for petitioning, and the positions up for election. If you know anyone who is thinking of running for office, please let them know the benefits and that they’re not alone. State parties are always looking for ambitious people who want to run for offices across their state. When you run for office you’ll have to put together your own campaign team. However, being involved in your state party and a local chapter will be a huge help. Many chapters know libertarians across the state and country. They’ll help you put together a team for your campaign and some members may even work on your campaign.