Pandemic Laws Are Not The Solution

Each state has its ability to create laws when it deems necessary. During nationwide events, we will see state government mimic the laws of other states. The problem is, many of these laws favor government gain and restrict your rights. During COVID-19, we have seen hundreds of different laws and temporary orders put into place. What wrong with these? Most temporary things by the government turn permanent in some fashion. Although these laws and orders attempt to serve the purpose of trying to protect your health, they’re removing your right to make your own decision in many situations as a free citizen.

If you’ve had any big gatherings planned in 2020 you know the frustration of them being cancelled or delayed. You have no say in the matter. You’ve been told you just cant have them and that’s even at your own house. We’re on a path to not see larger gatherings till the end of 2020. No, you won’t be sitting in church soon, having your big wedding, attending sports events this summer, or taking a vacation with your family.

The issue with the government’s approach is it’s backed with fines, fees, jail time, and lacks hardly any educational aspects. We see many states going past recommending you stay at home or not open your business. Many police forces in major cities have been patrolling non-essential businesses and going after people who are not practicing social distancing or staying at home. One woman in Pennsylvania went on a drive alone to get out of the house and she ended up receiving a $200 ticket for being alone in her car. She apparently posed a threat to society by remaining in her car for just a drive around her neighborhood. This isn’t an isolated incident, we see people getting ticketed and arrested all across the country for trying to live their daily lives. These people range from those in a car driving around to a pastor being given a misdemeanor summons for hosting church services. We’re seen weddings and family gatherings broken up for violating new pandemic laws. The government is deciding who you’re able to visit and how many people you’re able to see. We’re watching people receive tickets averaging several hundred dollars from the government. The same government who cause non-essential workers to become unemployed and struggle to pay their bill and feed their families. Now, you get to pay your last dollars towards overbearing government instead of feeding your family if you decided to take a Sunday drive.

Isn’t the government putting these laws and orders in effects for the well-being of society? Yes, but these laws are proving ineffective and hugely damaging to our economy. We have seen 22 million people file for unemployment since the shut down of non-essential businesses began. How severe is this? About 50% of people live paycheck to paycheck and receive checks every two weeks. Many states are taking 2-3 weeks to begin paying benefits. Some states such as New York are so overwhelmed with unemployment applications they’re taking a month or more to pay unemployment. What will happen when half of people are out of money after 2 weeks? The $1200 stimulus checks hasn’t been paid to most of these people, and many say it won’t even keep them going for a month. People are jobless, unable to get unemployment in a timely fashion, and now their savings are depleted. We see food pantries picking up where the government has failed miserably. People are beginning to line up at pantries to feed their families and we see growing donation fueling the operations of these pantries.

Food Pantry

How could we have avoided all this economic destruction without spreading COVID-19? Education and private enterprise are the answer. We see government spending a lot of time talking about what they’re doing instead of spending this time to educate the public. Explain to people how to stay safe during COVID-19 without placing temporary orders and laws on everyone. People need to be educated on hygiene practices during a pandemic and why we shouldn’t gather in large groups. Businesses can make a call to remain open or closed due to a pandemic. We see businesses nationwide changing their day-to-day functions without any laws or temporary orders. Stores have been giving employees masks, gloves, and protective covers at the cash register. Businesses of all sizes are practicing these protections and they’re even helping out their communities through charitable contributions. Many businesses are donation protecting gear and some even converting assembly lines to produce it. The government last month stepped in and demanded companies produce protective gear. No credit is due to the government, as most companies were doing this before the Defense Production Act was utilized by President Trump. We’re seeing businesses and charities beating the government with COVID-19 responses in almost every situation.

We see people taking to the internet calling out peaceful protests in state capitols as ignorant and dangerous. These people are protesting extensions of stay at home orders because they’re hurting. Many people are jobless, incomeless, restricted to their homes, and their businesses deemed nonessential and must remain closed. People are being forced into poverty by the government and month long waits for unemployment checks and a single $1200 check from the federal government is the government’s dismal solution. The government has handled almost the entire situation of COVID-19 with overbearing power and poor judgement. It’s time to end the government forced shut down of our economy and lives. We need to open up our economy and education people on the importance of practicing safety during a pandemic. It’s not an insane idea, Sweden has done this very thing, and their society isn’t collapsing. Laws don’t save people during a pandemic. Lives are saved by educating the general public and letting private enterprise and charities handle the situation.

Chase Renwick

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