Local Chapters

The most significant impact you can make for liberty is bringing it into your community. The Libertarian Party attributes its growing success to every state having a local chapter in most of its counties, boroughs or parishes. A chapter is a subgroup of your state libertarian party and has its own elected officers. Each chapter has a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. Officers are elected on an annual basis by all chapter members. 

These chapters normally meet once a month at a local bar or restaurant. You’ll have a few hours to talk with like-minded people about liberty every month. One of the most involved activities of a chapter meeting will be when they host guest speakers. A chapter who puts their time into connecting in the community will have local politicians, businessmen, and organization members come and speak. One of the most exciting guest speakers will be the libertarian state candidates. You’ll see libertarians running from state offices often attend at least one meeting at each state chapter. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet our candidates on a personal level and ask questions.

Meetings are usually made of two portions. The first portion is a social hour portion where you talk about anything with others. The second portion is business where you discuss liberty activities you want to carry out in your community. No commitment is required to attend a meeting. However, you’re often able to join as a member and vote on their decisions for a small membership fee or by attending a few meetings. Many libertarian chapters even host annual Friendsgiving and/or Christmas party! You’ll be given the opportunity to showcase your cooking, baking or food shopping skills. Below you’ll be able to search all chapters available in Libertarian Party records.

Do you know of a local libertarian chapters but don’t see them listed? Please contact us and we’ll look into adding them to our list of libertarian chapters. We regularly search state party websites. However, occasionally a chapter slips through our fingers. Any information provided on a local libertarian chapter is greatly appreciated. 

*All information on county names, contact, emails, and status is updated based on Libertarian Party records.