Liberty Groups

Many groups promote liberty and educate people on the benefits of individual rights, economic freedom, and small government. We make an effort to provide an expansive but not exhaustive list of these liberty-loving groups. These groups are often nationwide and nonprofits purely formed for educating. Do keep in mind many groups who support liberty aren’t necessarily libertarian but understand the benefits of the platform. 

Anyone who supports individual rights and economic freedoms is welcome on our site. We regularly search the web, state party social media pages, and state party websites. Our goal is to find the most referenced liberty groups and make the available to you. Our mission is to provide access to the most reliable sources on topics at the heart of the libertarian platform. We highly recommend visiting many of these websites to get a wide range of sources for information because no group is perfect in their reporting. None of these groups are partnered with the Libertarian Media Network but we respect them as reliable sources.

The Advocates for Self Government

A non-profit educational organization focused on helping people understand liberty and the important of spreading it. You’ll often find a representative of their organization handing out the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz” which has helped millions reevaluate their political ideology through a 10 question quiz.  

Illinois Policy

An independent organization focused on generating and promoting public policies for Illinois that promote personal freedom and economic prosperity.

Being Libertarian

A news platform created to bring together and provide information for minarchists, classic liberals, anarchists, independents, objectivists, capitalists, and libertarians.

Americans for Prosperity

An organization focused on educating the population through grass roots activities on key issues, current events, and how someone can fight for their personal freedoms. Americans for Prosperity is a nationwide network of chapters serving citizens at no cost in the hopes of a more politically educated society. 

The Institute for Justice

A law firm with the sole purpose of using cutting-edge litigation, media relations, and nationwide networking to help individuals who are denied their constitutional rights. The organization is a nonprofit organization that files lawsuits to fight for individuals whose rights are being supressed.

Institute for Truth in Accounting

An organization believing truthful accounting is key to society understanding what government is actually doing with taxpayer money and how this will affect everyone presently and in the future.

Drug War Facts

A project created by the nonprofit organization Common Sense for Drug Policy which focuses on reforming current drug policy and providing information on existing policies and practices.

Win My Vote

A non partisan website designed to bring together voters, groups, and candidates with the purposes of exchanging ideas, discuss current events, and providing information on someone’s voting options at all levels of government office. 

Do you know of a liberty-loving group but don’t see it listed? Please contact us and we’ll look into adding them to our list of groups. We regularly search state party websites and social media. However, occasionally a group slips through our fingers. Any information provided on liberty-loving groups is greatly appreciated.