36 Libertarians On The Ballot Across Illinois

The Libertarian Party of Illinois teamed up with the Green Party among many individuals in a lawsuit back in April of 2020. The basis of the case was that the COVID-19 pandemic, stay at home orders, and ballot access requirements had made it impossible for them to petition for ballot access in 2020. The plaintiffs demanded ballot access relief to promote fair elections across the state which current situations have prevented. The Libertarian Party of Illinois with its joint filers were awarded 10% of the original signature requirements in 2020, an extension of petitioning times, and if the party had a person on the ballot in 2016 or 2018 for a specific office they were allowed to automatically place a candidate on the ballot for said office in 2020.

After months of petitioning, we saw dozens of candidates turned in petitions, beat objections, and get on the ballot.  The Presidential, Vice Presidential, and Senate candidate were automatically placed on the ballot due to conditions of the lawsuit. This allowed the Libertarian Party of Illinois to focus its energy on helping local candidates get on the ballot. 

We’re witnessing something seldom seen before in Illinois. Normally unopposed Democrats and Republicans now face competition and its a Libertarian candidate. Voters not only will see two choices for many races on the ballot in November, but a most unusual choice. Someone can vote for a neighbor who isn’t an out of touch millionaire or corrupt politician. Voters can elect someone who lives the same problems as their constituents because they’re an everyday person like them. People can vote for their neighbor down the street. 

The following candidates will be on the ballot for Illinois voters on November 3rd, 2020. Please research these candidates, volunteer for a campaign, and make a donation. Let’s turn around one of the most corrupt governments in country. Let’s give libertarians a voice in Washington DC and Illinois.

(2) Presidential/Vice Presidential Candidates:
Jo Jorgensen
Spike Cohen

(1) US Senate:
Danny Malouf

(2) Congressional Candidates:
CD06 Bill Redpath
CD08 Preston Gabriel Nelson

(9) General Assembly Candidates:
District 19 Joseph Schreiner
District 55 Glenn Olofson
District 78 Joshua Flynn
District 80 Clayton Clay Cleveland
District 88 Kenneth Allison
District 92 Chad Grimm
District 103 Brad Bielert
District 113 Mark Elmore
District 115 Ian Peak

(22) County-level candidates, across nine counties:
Cook State’s Attorney Brian Dennehy
DeKalb CB05 Sasha Cohen
DeWitt Circuit Clerk Nathan Florey
Kankakee Auditor Kyle Evans
Kankakee Circuit Clerk Nicole Scott
Kankakee CB13 Jacob Collins
Kankakee CB23 Jim Byrne
McHenry Auditor Jim Young
McHenry Coroner Kelly Liebmann
McLean Auditor Kevin Woodard
McLean CB03 Derek Evans
McLean CB05 Jo Schmidt Litwiller
McLean CB06 David Scarpelli
McLean CB07 Darin Kaeb
Montgomery CB02 (VF2) Jake Leonard
Peoria Auditor Joe Rusch
Peoria County Clerk Ann Agama
Peoria Coroner K. Eric Shaffer
Peoria CB11 Chris Buckely
Peoria CB17 Tom Inman
Tazewell Auditor Kaden Nelms
Tazewell Board Chair Eric Stahl
Chase Renwick

Author: Chase Renwick

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