The Libertarian Party has an extensive network of state chapters. Across each state, you will find local chapters of individuals. These chapters meet every month to discuss libertarian ideals, current events, and personal matters. Chapters host festival booths, participate in parades, holiday parties, and spread awareness of libertarianism across their communities. Many chapters share members and resources to help spread liberty in their communities. You’ll find committed people driving an hour for a parade just to help a smaller chapter give a phenomenal parade appearance. These chapters are often on social media and try their best to promote their local activities and meetings. 

Chapter meetings are free to attend and usually involve enjoying a meal with like-minded people. You’ll often get the change to discover a new eatery in town and connected with locals you’ve never met. Annual membership in a local and state chapter is usually less than $25 or free. There’s no or voluntary commitment and you’re able to participate at your availability.

 All state parties host a convention. These events are advertised on the state party websites and the Libertarian Party site. These events can be attended with a limitation for often little or no cost. If you want to enjoy the full experience (1-3 days) you’ll purchase a ticket which normally costs between $50-$150. All proceeds from these tickets go towards the expensive of running the convention and often are large annual fundraisers. Conventions are a place to vote for your candidate, listen to guest speakers, and connect with fellow libertarians.