The Libertarian platform is based strongly on the principals of the constitution. Libertarians believe individual rights and economic freedom bring the most prosperity to society. We condemn large, intrusive, and overbearing government bodies who allow themselves to be lobbied by large corporations. The heart of the libertarian platform shows a society flourishes when it has more rights, loses less to taxing bodies, and receives minimal government intervention.

We provide an abridged version of the libertarian platform but a full copy of the platform is available from the Libertarian Party. The provided platform will have alterations to fit the views we see most libertarians, Libertarian State Parties, and candidates aligning with regardless of the actual Libertarian Party platform.

National Topics

Individual Rights and Discrimination

Individuals are born with rights. The constitution and laws created by the government do not provide these rights but merely support them. Everyone is free to make choices and face repercussions for their actions. The most important rights are those of the individuals. The right to be free from oppression and discrimination from any governing body. However, people on an individual level have the right to choose their behavior and their business’s behavior. Individuals if dissatisfied with an organization’s business practices, are free to purchase products and/or services from another organization.


Education is best provided through individual choice in a free market. Parents should be able to educate their children through homeschooling or by use of taxpayer resources. There should be no set curriculum for children across the nation. We cannot have a national education system filled with indoctrination and bias in its teachings. People should be able to learn about heritage relevant to their local and state cultures. Any funds giving to schools should be voluntary without attendance and only required with attendance. Our society will flourish if its education is carried out in the best manner whether it be with parents or a taxpayer-provided institute.


The government has no place in providing healthcare nationwide. We do not support corporate lobbying of government officials from healthcare providers. Our congress is elected to represent the people and not corporate American. We believe healthcare is best provided through a free market. The individual should have the choice to determine if they want healthcare coverage and what level they desire. Insurance providers reserve the right to determine what treatments, individuals, and medicines they choose to cover. People should have the right to choose what healthcare providers and from what state they choose to purchase health insurance. The individual choice is key to providing the best healthcare system.

Redistribution of Wealth

The government has no right to redistribute wealth. Everyone is entitled to the wealth they earn or inherit during their lifetime. No government programs should remove wealth from someone and distribute it to those it determines as less fortunate. Everyone can start a business, further their education, and be a productive member of society and they should be fully entitled to the fruits of their labor.

Crime and Justice

A prison is a place for reform and not just punishment. Individuals, while incarcerated, should be provided with opportunities for education, counseling, and work experience. The high re-incarceration rate has been supported by a system based solely on punishment. We need to offer an opportunity for incarcerated individuals to learn skills and gain self-worth. Our prison system needs to be reformed to incarcerate only violent offenders or those who cause harm to others. The current system in place regularly puts thousands behind bars for hurting nobody but themselves. We have a system that offers prison time instead of rehabilitation for someone struggling with a drug addiction. Our justice system needs to be reformed and the time is now.


Abortion is not a government matter but an individual one. No government or politician should have the ability to tell a woman what to do with her body or a couple what to do with their family.


Retirement planning is not the responsibility of the government but the individual. Nobody should be forced to give up a minimum of 6.2% of their paycheck for a retirement plan the government is not required to payout. You should be able to choose an individual retirement plan without mandatory deductions from your paycheck for social security. Your employer should be allowed to contribute its mandatory contribution to your retirement program, benefits, or where it chooses. You should be in control of your retirement and not the government.

War on Drugs

The war on drugs should be ended. No taxpayer money should be spent on hunting down and incarcerating drug users. The government shouldn’t choose what you can do with your own body or what plants you choose to grow in your backyard.

Balanced Budgets

A balanced budget is the only way to run a government. Every day we see local, state, and our federal government running budget deficits. We continue to be taxed more, receive less for these taxes, and we become deeper in debt. Politicians continue to ignore and override through vote our constitutional amendments requiring balanced budgets. Local governments, Illinois State, and the Federal government need to balance their budgets and the time is now.

Environmental Protection

No tax levied by any government will help the environment. Your personal choices will help the environment such as choosing to reduce/reuse/recycle, purchase from businesses who are environmentally responsible, and purchase alternative forms of energy and transportation. The consumer is the solution to environmental protection and not the government creating a tax.


The government forcing people to pay taxes is inherently wrong. Nobody should be required to give up part of their paycheck without approval. We regularly see governments increasing taxes and claiming they’ll use the money collectively to help society in various ways. You should be in charge of your whole paycheck and decide where the money is spent and not a politician or governing body.

Corporate Welfare

No business should receive welfare or special treatment. The government should not distribute taxpayer dollars to businesses for any reason. The free market and the behavior of the businesses will decide their success through economic cycles and technological developments and not their ability to lobby congress.

Gun Rights

No politician or government should be able to stop you from your constitutional right to own a gun. The constitution states “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Nobody’s feelings or dislike of guns should interfere with your constitutional right.

Death Penalty

The government has no right to administer the death penalty. We do not have a perfect justice system and any mistake causing the incarceration and execution of an individual is unacceptable. Life in prison allows an innocent individual to appeal their case or a guilty individual to receive lifelong punishment for their crime.

Freedom of Speech

There is no acceptable time to limit freedom of speech. We continually see government requiring permits for protests and censoring students from certain topics within public schools. Governments are pressuring media sources to censor what they believe to be hate speech and fake news. We cannot let the government decide what we are and aren’t allowed to hear through our social media and news stations.

International Topics

Foreign Policy

The military is for national defense and not policing the world. We have hundreds of thousands of military personnel scattered across hundreds of bases across the world. Our military constantly bombs countries and kill innocent civilians. We use our military to guide the actions of other nations. Our military should be used for national defense and not the overthrowing of foreign governments and the confiscation of natural resources. We have no right to continuously invade other countries and assassinate their leaders. National diplomacy should be carried out with words not military action.


The act of trade should not be regulated by government. One should be able to trade freely with other nations. The government should not be able to place tariffs on any goods or prevent trade with certain nations. All diplomacy with other nations should be carried out with words and not taxes or military intervention. The most prosperous economy occurs when trade is able to flow freely between nations without government interference.


The United States is a nation founded on immigration. Anyone should be able to apply for United States citizenship and be able to work in the United States. The immigration systems should not cause someone to spend thousands of dollars and a decade of their life to become a citizen. Anyone who wants to become a citizen should only have to pay paperwork costs, show employment prospects, and be willing to contribute as a productive member of society. No jobs have nor will even be stolen by an immigrant from a natural-born citizen. Our businesses hire the best person for a role which can be someone from another nation. Allowing the immigration of productive and educated people will only strengthen the society and economy of the United States.


The amount of social and economic topics in existence is expansive. We have highlighted the most currently discussed and significant topics facing modern society in the United States.