Libertarian Don’t Steal Votes, They Earn Them


No libertarian has ever “stolen” a vote in the history of the party’s existence. Libertarians received the votes they do for having everyday people as candidates, a love for individual rights, and support for fiscal responsibility with balanced budgets. Libertarians aren’t two sides of the same coin as you’ll find with most Democrats and Republicans.

The Libertarian Party continues to grow membership and vote totals as more and more people become educated on the solid platform which has respect for people’s constitutional and individual rights. The party does not get its views from another party. We don’t have the social rights views of a Democrat and we don’t have the fiscal responsibility views of a Republican. The Libertarian Party platform doesn’t change when the views of the wealthiest people in this country who make political contributions change their opinions. Libertarians keep a platform supporting individual rights and fiscal responsibility no matter how times change because someone’s right to be themselves without harming another person and the rights their paycheck should never change.

People vote Libertarian for the love of the platform and because they look at what Democrats or Republicans offer. We continually see the two-party duopoly leave promises unfilled and find them invading citizen’s rights along with multiple countries across the planet. People work 40+ hours away from family only to sometimes see over half their paycheck gone to taxes. These people have had enough violations on their rights as an individual and have had it with the duopoly.

The libertarian party will continue to grow stronger and stronger as more people realize Libertarians offer something Democrats and Republicans don’t to their constituents. Libertarians have a strong sense of respect for individual rights, the US Constitution, and your paycheck. Your rights don’t end where someone else’s feelings begin and you paycheck doesn’t belong to the government.

Chase Renwick

Author: Chase Renwick