Joshua Flynn Brings Hope to Illinois’s 78th District

Illinois’s congress is one of the most corrupt governing bodies in the United States. Whether it’s overbearing regulations, tax hikes, budget deficits, or horrible mismanagement, they’ve done it all and keep doing it. We saw representative Camille Lilly of the 78th introduce House Bill 4571, known as the “gas pump bill.” The proposed bill “provided that no gas may be pumped at a gas station in the state unless it is pumped by a gas station attendant employed at the gas station.” She tried to further the overreach of the Illinois government and doesn’t believe Illinois residents should be trusted to even pump their own gas. The state has a ballooning deficit, pension crisis, collapsing infrastructure, and she’s concerned if people should pump their own gas. Camille Lilly is everything that wrong with Illinois’s government. She has her priorities in the wrong place.

The great news is voters in Illinois’s 78th district have been given the opportunity to remove this bureaucrat from office. The race for the 78th offers two choices this November but it’s not your typical blue versus red race. Voters will have the opportunity to choose between bureaucracy and freedom. Camille Lilly will be fighting to keep her seat from Libertarian candidate Joshua Flynn. He’s been campaigning hard for over a year and is a true advocate for freedom. You won’t find him sitting behind a campaign team. Instead, he’s out holding signs with his team on street corners and talking to anyone willing to listen. He wants to be a voice for his community in Springfield. The voters of the 78th district aren’t having their true concerns address by the sitting representative who instead spends her time drafting overreaching bills that reduce freedoms. 

Joshua Flynn’s campaign has a strong focus around personal freedoms and fiscal responsibility. He’s focused on issues such as unbalanced budgets, fixing a flawed pension system, promoting local businesses, reducing crime, and delivering better education. He supports all these things by cutting through the red tape, promoting community involvement, and bringing back the idea of not creating debt for future generations. The current state representative focuses on creating problems related to gas pumps while the state crumbles from poor mismanagement. Joshua brings a campaign to the table that’s focused on bringing back the people’s voice in Springfield and conquering the real issues at hand for people in Illinois’s 78th district.

Joshua Flynn is giving the campaign everything he can but he still needs your help. He’s going to need volunteers for sign waving event across his district,  continues to look for donations of any amount to support campaign activities, and want every single person in his district to know he’s running. Please consider supporting his campaign in any way you can through the links below.

Let’s get a libertarian in Springfield in 2020!

Chase Renwick

Author: Chase Renwick

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