Illinois Voters REJECT Graduated Income Tax Amendment

Governor Pritzker

The last year in Illinois has been filled with Governor Pritzker and the Democratic lead assembly crying for a financial bailout and more taxes. The state continues to spend billions more than it takes in and there’s no end in sight. The government forced shut downs during COVID-19 which blew a gaping hole in the already disastrous financial state of Illinois. Millions of residents plead with the state to fix its pension crisis and to quit spending but politicians couldn’t care less. Instead, the state proposed a constitutional amendment to allow Illinois politicians, namely Madigan and Governor Pritzker, to raise or lower income tax rates on every income bracket to a number of their liking without voter approval.

We’ve seen graduated income tax (progressive tax) proponents argue that it’ll make the rich pay their fair share. The most common ad was claiming a tax cut for 97% of Illinois residents. However, no such language exists in the proposed amendment. In fact, the amendment is worded to allow taxes to be raised or lowered on all income brackets plus the amendment is written to allow multiple types of taxes on income. That’s opening the door for politicians to tax income locally and tax retirement income of residents if they choose.

However, voters took to the polls over the past few weeks and put the final nail in the coffin for the amendment. We’ve seen votes counted from 98% of precincts and votes against the amendment were 55% to 45% with over 2.7 million against and a stunning 2.2 million in favor. Governor Pritzker spent over $56.5 million of his own wealth in favor of taxing his state’s residents more. Thankfully, voters in Illinois have had enough with higher taxes. His administration has done nothing to address the pension crisis or higher property taxes. He’d rather do nothing and attempt to raise taxes on already burdened residents.

We don’t see victories in Illinois too often and this one is a huge win for stopping bigger government. Let’s keep this momentum moving with future amendments and the fight for smaller government in Illinois.

Chase Renwick

Author: Chase Renwick

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