Illinois General Assembly Approves A Mindless Budget

Illinois Legislature

Illinois is once again back to their mindless antics with their state budget. This past Saturday and Sunday, they moved forward and passed a $40 billion dollar budget with little thought for the state’s future. No, it’s not something unusual for the state as it hasn’t had an actual balanced budget in years without wiggling around the numbers. The state often puts off expenses to another years budget or over accounts for income tax revenue. 

The most recent budget sent to Gov. Pritzker is a real slap in the face to any resident of Illinois and anyone who pays federal income taxes. We see the budget passing in the House 68-44 and the Senate 37-19 with no real thinking except the general assembly thinking about their own paychecks. Yes, Illinois lawmakers have approved a $1,800 pay raise for themselves while nearly 1 in 5 residents are unemployed during Pritzker’s statewide shutdown.


If you’re looking for good new, keep dreaming. Remember, the Illinois government is a parasite and only feeds with no care for its host.  The state has $261 million in automatic raises ready to set in on July 1st unless the Governor calls for pay freezes, which he has openly stated he has no intention of doing. Apparently, the only safe jobs in Illinois are those held by state workers. We continue to see a lack of furloughs, pay freezes, or lay offs even while the state’s revenue plummets and over a million citizens remain unemployed. The state has no interest in spending less and in fact is budgeting with federal tax dollars in mind. We see the currently proposed budget leaving a $5 billion dollar gap which the state hopes to fill with money from the federal government and people who live nationwide. Illinois wants the rest of the country to help them with their annual unbalanced budget. 

The State of Illinois is showcasing its lack of forward thinking, desire for federal funding, and lack of reality with raises pay for workers during high periods of unemployment. We continue to see the state spend like there’s no tomorrow. Over 20% of the state’s residents are now unemployed and the state is doing nothing to ease the burden. Residents already face some of the highest taxes in the country and now skyrocketing unemployment rates. Another note is the new budget does NOTHING to reform pensions which have been bankrupting the state at an ever-growing pace. Illinois is driving down the road to bankruptcy as fast as its general assembly can carry it. 

Chase Renwick

Author: Chase Renwick