Federal Government Buys Up Ammo Supply During Forced Shutdowns

If you’re a gun owner or looking to purchase a gun, you’ve probably noticed the ammo shelves are empty. You’re stuck driving around town to different suppliers and find there’s limited supply or no supply available. You take to the internet and you see out of stock notifications. Where’s all the ammo going?

The United States in the wake of forced government shutdowns has seen spikes in gun and ammo purchases from private citizens. By the end of September, there had been 28.8 million background checks done for gun sales in the United States. The highest year on record is 28.4 million for the entire year in 2019. More people than ever want to be armed and participate in their 2nd amendment right. However, we didn’t see significant shortages in 2019 like we are in 2020 and the number of new gun owners isn’t vastly different.

The typical major media articles showcase there’s more private gun purchases and ammo purchases than ever in history. However, we’re seeing manufacturers prepared and producing guns and ammo at record levels. Yes, ammo and gun supplies might showcase some scarcity but the fact of the matter is the ammo is just plain unavailable. Manufacturers have seen spikes in demand before so they’ve prepared for what could happen during another election year.

The typical 2nd amendment supporters should love that a record number of people are purchasing guns. There’s no stopping the demand for guns and the desire of people to defend themselves. We’ve witnessed multiple state government order people to remain in their homes, determine whose business is essential, and stopping people from eating out or gathering in groups. People are fearful of an overbearing government which is a healthy thought.

The terrifying new should be there’s an ammo shortage. Yes, we’ve seen this before, but who is actually buying up the ammo? We see record gun sales and new gun owners but they’re not the only reason for the shortage. The Federal Government is buying up ammo so you can’t get your hands on it. Ammo manufacturers might be producing at record levels but the first person who gets a grab at it isn’t private citizens, it’s the government. You know, national security. The government is fearful of having to take to the streets with the military if people don’t continue to follow all the authoritarian orders placed across the country on tens of millions of Americans. Major media refuses to cover this gross act by the Federal Government, and ammo manufacturers won’t turn down a big customer.

Where’s the information coming about increase government purchases of ammo? Talk to a local gun shop owner. Many around the Chicagoland area have been told by suppliers that the government is getting first choice on ammo purchases. Many shops are lucky to get a few cases of ammo a month even if they’re huge suppliers in their area. This government stockpiling isn’t anything new. The Federal Government between 2006-2014 had 67 non-military agencies purchase $1.48 billion dollars in ammo, weapons, and military style equipment. We see these non-military agency purchases continuing annually even into 2020. These agencies include the Social Security Administration, EPA, Department of Education, Department of Agriculture, Railroad Retirement Board, The Smithsonian, and many more. Why did the Smithsonian need $42,687 in ammo back in 2017? Were some of the exhibits going to escape?

The media has been quiet all of 2020 on the Federal Governments purchases of guns, ammo, and military equipment. If you’re not able to buy ammo, and your neighbor isn’t able to buy ammo. Where are the record production numbers of ammo going? The Federal Government is stockpiling during the pandemic and that’s something to be majorly concerned about.

Chase Renwick

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