Elected Officials

The Libertarian Party is growing rapidly. We already have a good presence of elected officials local offices across the country. We love giving recognition to those who help us spread liberty. Anyone who meets state requirements can run for office. You’ll be given the opportunity to have your voice heard by thousands and possibly millions of voters. No election should run unopposed or with only a democrat and republican candidate. Every single election should have at minimum a libertarian on the ballot. We need to show people we mean business and grow our list of elected officials. 

We hope you can one day see your name on the list below or someone you support. The libertarian movement will spread faster as we elect more people into office. Libertarians respect individual liberties and economic freedom for everyone. The libertarian platform is a recipe for prosperity in the United States. We as a nation have been plagued by a two-party duopoly for over a century. Our national debt has skyrocketed, world image stained, and our rights diminished by a two-party big government.

Do you know of an elected libertarian but don’t see them listed? Please contact us and we’ll look into adding them to our list of elected officials. We regularly search state party websites and election records. However, occasionally an elected official slips through our fingers. Any information provided on elected libertarian officials is greatly appreciated. 

*All information regarding roles, positions and states is updated based on Libertarian Party records.