Letter To The Editor: Don’t Waste Your Vote On Democrats or Republicans This November

Dear Editor,

Another election is quickly approaching us within the next 100 days. Once again, the Democrats and Republicans have presented their constituents with (arguably) the two most polarizing options possible. Surely, we are going to be overwhelmed in ad hominem attacks rather than debating talking point with relevance. However, you are not stuck with these two candidates. The Libertarian Candidate for President Jo Jorgensen and her running mate Spike Cohen are on the ballot in Illinois (amongst many other states).

We Libertarians believe that you know best how to live your own life. We understand that the ever-expanding size and scope of Government is the greatest threat to you as an individual regarding life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Therefore, we truly champion for small/minimal government and returning power to the governed and not the governing. Our platform consists of stances that are fiscally responsible and socially inclusive. We are staunch defenders of the Constitution, and hold many seats in local, state, and national offices.

Unfortunately, as a third party we tend to be overlooked, despite appealing to a larger array of voters on “hot button” issues (thanks to being middle of the road as opposed to far left or far right). Numerous polls taken around the country outline the peoples’ need/desire for a third option on the national stage. This very well could be the year where we make the change that so many desperately have been hoping for. A strong indicator of this change was after the 2016 election. The Libertarian Party, and Green Party, both had the best voter turnout that they ever had in their party’s histories, largely thanks to their appeal to the American people on platform issues. Another contributing factor in this achievement was (and still is) the constant fighting between Republicans and Democrats with little to no effort to compromise for the betterment of the nation during the legislative process.

To get a third podium on the debate stage in the future the Libertarian Party must get 5% of the popular vote in a general election. This will prohibit us from being barred in the televised national debates and will unlock funding at the federal level (all our campaign costs are covered through fundraising/donations from individuals and party members). This will level the playing field and end the duopoly of the American political landscape, and mark and unprecedented win for Americans everywhere.

I implore you to get out and vote this November. Before doing so I ask you to please look at what the Libertarian Party has to offer. I would be willing to bet that you hold more Libertarian principles than what you might have realized. Illinois will likely go Blue this upcoming election, so I ask that any voter on the fence or even those who plan to/tend to vote red (including those who feel abandoned by the Republican Party’s actions) consider voting for Jo Jorgensen. I also would like to appeal to those who plan to/tend to vote blue that are disenfranchised by the Left’s message and actions to show that they do not own your vote and vote for the Libertarian option as a show of your disapproval to the current environment in the Democrat Party.

Be Bold, Vote Gold.

Alexander O’Dell (Davis Junction, IL)

Chase Renwick

Author: Chase Renwick

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