Congressman Justin Amash Explores Running Libertarian In 2020

Justin Amash

An independent congressman from Michigan’s 3rd district, Amash has held office since 2011. He originally ran under the republican ticket but gave up the party affiliation and went independent in 2019. He’s shown to be a relatively consistent supporter of the constitution regardless of the letter placed after his name.


His voting record shows a passion against military growth, domestic spying, wars, national debt growth, and minimum wage laws. He generally doesn’t vote party lines. His votes only align with the president and party around 64% of the time. The voting history shows thinking instead of continuous party line voting like we’ll see in many members of congress. In fact, we see only 1 members of congress voting more bipartisan than Amash and that’s Walter Jones from North Carolina. Over 200 republican members of congress cast 90% or more of their votes along party lines. These behaviors contribute to a lack of bipartisanship or votes in the interests of constituents.


Amash launched his campaign site, which states he’s running “For something new. For a government that secures our rights. For equality before the law. For an end to cronyism. For a government that fulfills its purpose and recognizes its limits. For practical approaches based in humility and trust of the people. For an honest, principled president who will defend the Constitution and put individuals first. Are these more empty campaign promises we see with democrats and republicans? We don’t believe so. Amash has a voting record that represents independent and libertarian-minded thinking. 


His recent Tweet states he’s exploring opportunity of seeking the Libertarian Party nomination for president in 2020. We already see the Libertarian Party showing great interest in candidate Jacob Hornberger. He had won the most state party conventions of any candidates before COVID-19 caused most states to band such large gatherings. Will Amash’s proven voting record and name recognition allow him to take the Libertarian Party nomination for president in 2020? Only time will tell as Amash explores his potential campaign for president and tests voters and the media with the idea. 

Chase Renwick

Author: Chase Renwick

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