Chicago’s Media Loves Uninformed Voters

Every election we see candidates showcasing their platforms through festivals, social media, media interviews, and questionnaires. Voters are given the opportunity to learn about candidates and their platforms. People are given the opportunity to be educated voters and learn everything about the candidates on the ballot. However, you won’t be so fortunate if you live in the Chicagoland area. It’s newspapers strive to censor candidates which go against their political views.

The Chicago Daily Herald and the Chicago Sun-Times lead the pack at not including multiple candidates of various parties in some of their interviews and questionnaires. The Libertarian Party and Green Party have had multiple candidates blacklisted from 2020 media coverage in interviews and/or questionnaires. Both Parties have had candidates on the ballot for US Senate in multiple elections. In fact, the candidates from both these parties have garnered a total of almost half a million votes over the past 2 senate elections.

One of the most significant blacklists is for the US Senate race by the Chicago Sun-Times. The race currently has 5 candidates: Dick Durbin(D), Mark Curran(R), Willie Wilson(I), Danny Malouf(L), and David Black(G). The Chicago Sun-Times informed Danny Malouf and David Black they would received candidate questionnaires but would not be included in their September 18th endorsement interview. Apparently, Malouf and Black don’t get to be included since they’re not rich, Democrat, or Republican.

Danny Malouf Sun-Times Questionnaire

David Black Sun-Times Questionnaire

The Senate race won’t be the only one filled with uninformed voters. We continue to see more and more candidates come out claiming they’ve been refused interviews or questionnaires. Another candidates, Preston Nelson, made us aware the Chicago Daily Herald never contacted him for any information and instead endorsed his opponent Raja Krishnamoorthi. The Herald claimed Krishnamoorthi’s was “the clear choice and he wins our endorsement” based only on the fact he assisted on impeaching President Donald Trump by being on the Intelligence Committee. Apparently it doesn’t matter to the Herald that Krishnamoorthi accepts lobbying money from military contractors and has voted in favor of war. He’s shown he’s committed to corporations instead of his constituents on multiple occasions.

Voters are already struggling in 2020 to learn about candidates during COVID-19. Usually, candidates would make dozens of public appearances and could meet thousands on voters. However, COVID-19 restrictions have limited political activities for most candidates to social media, mailers, and small fundraisers. People aren’t getting the opportunities to learn about candidates to the depth they have in previous elections. Chicago’s media continues to misinform and in some situation refuses to inform voters on their choices come November 3rd. The Chicago Daily Herald and Chicago Sun-Times have clearly spoken by playing favorites to incumbent politicians, multimillionaire business owners like Willie Wilson, and the Duopoly.

Please check out the candidates being censored by Chicago media. These are honest, everyday people like you who want the chance to represent their neighbor. Follow them on Facebook, donate to their campaigns, and let other voters know they exist!

Danny Malouf, Libertarian for US Senate in Illinois

David Black, Green Party for US Senate in Illinois

Preston Nelson, Libertarian for Illinois’s 8th Congressional District

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