Brian Lambrecht

Brian Lambrecht

If there was ever a phrase that matches his character and who he is as a person, “fiercely independent” fits perfectly.

Brian Lambrecht is a Chicago native who has spent more time on stage and in front of a camera than behind a desk. Both as a musician and a public speaker, he has worked alongside the world of politics, managing campaigns across the state of Illinois for three consecutive political cycles, doing interviews for radio, television, and print media along the way.

He’s drafted scripts, written press releases, and delivered press conferences. He is even been a reoccurring guest on a nationally syndicated radio program discussing politics for going on five years.

Brian’s hobbies include camping, road tripping, playing guitar, cooking, watching classic and silent films, and visiting Civil War battlefields.

He enjoys writing a lot about foreign policy and economics, and plans to contribute a lot to the Libertarian Media Network in this regard. He absolutely loves writing about himself in the third person.